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For everyone who’s signed up so far in the latest testing round -- I just shipped stuff out today, so hopefully it’ll be to you before the end of the week :D

Finally gotten over my cold, mostly, so I made a batch of soap this week -- nothing amazing, it’s a batch of Vala without milk in it. I’m trying to get it to look right and I’m not having much luck -- there’s always one thing or another affecting the color. I added silk this time, because that would also be fitting with the character/theme, but I think that darkened the soap somewhat. The soap has a more yellowish cast than I would have liked. No pictures of it at the moment -- I’m curious to see if the color will change as the cut bars dry. It does look pretty awful in terms of aesthetics, though. XD On the plus side, I do think I’ve succeeded in properly balancing the peppermint in the scent! (No downside, even if this batch does look stupid -- it smells awesome ;D)

This coming weekend I’ll probably have a go at the Lemon/Lavender/Chamomile, since the EOs have been chillin’ for a couple of weeks. I also have a batch of Orange/Ginger brewing, but I ran out of orange oil, and the mix is 2 grams (!!!!!) short, el oh el. I ordered some more, so I’ll dribble in the extra 2g when it gets here. ~_~

On the topic of essential oils, I’ve been fiddling with some new blends, and now that they’ve had a few weeks to sit and marinate, I gave them all a sniff this weekend and I’ve got a few maybe-candidates for soap. So!

Poll #1781851 New Blends #1

Do any of these sound interesting?

Citrus & Basil -- by citrus I mean it! (Grapefruit, Orange & Lime)
Slight twist on Citrus/Basil - Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Basil, Lavender
Anise & Clove (ya rly)
"Orangewood" -- a blend of Bergamot, Guaiacwood and Cedar

I need to do another mix of the first Citrus&Basil, to test it with Litsea oil (which helps the citrus scents stick around in the soap), but again, I ran out of orange so I couldn't. ;P The second one, with lavender, I found a bit herby, but it's not bad. The Anise and Clove is... strong. XD But it's an interesting scent.

The "orangewood" is some random thing I put together and found intriguing. If you're not familiar with the bergamot, it's a little pear-shaped citrus fruit, and it's part of what gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor. :3 The oil is used in many, many perfumes and colognes; it smells kinda orangey, but not as sweet, to my nose. Sort of a greener, more bitter cousin. Guaiacwood oil has a sort of ... incense-wood smell to it, to me, somewhere between rosewood and sandalwood, both of which are pricey and in limited supply. ;D The addition of cedar just makes it more incense-y to me, so the final impression is bittery orange and expensive aromatic woods. ;D It's unusual, at least!

On the topic of new scents to try, I also brilliantly realized that if I want any Christmas/holiday type soap, I’d damn well better get ready to make it ASAP. XD Things that come to mind are peppermint (candy cane stripes?!), something piney (though the pine and fir oils I’ve got right now don’t smell right to me..), and/or... egg nog. XD (Sue me, I love the smell of egg nog...) If I want to do candy canes, though, I’d better get something to make srs red color...

/blather :D



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Sep. 28th, 2011 03:55 am (UTC)
Derp. I wasn't logged in to LJ and I was like "why isn't it letting me vote in the poll?!" XD I love Earl Grey but I'm generally not keen on tree scents, so I decided against that. But I could be convinced XD

omg Egg Nog would be awesome ;D Also like...cookies? Gingerbread?!
Sep. 28th, 2011 01:12 pm (UTC)
XD If I make the orangey-wood one I could send you a sample anyway, I will probably give it a try sooner or later, just trying to prioritize for now ;D

Oooh gingerbread... seems like that wouldn't be *too* hard, but I'd have to fiddle around and see if I could do it with just essential oils or if it'd be easier to use a synthetic. Although, thinking it over, a synthetic would almost certainly be cheaper... (y u so expensive, spice oils?!)
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