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Testing Call, Round 3 - Holiday Edition!

Before I get overwhelmed with Yule perfumery, I figured I'd better put these up! XD

As always, just tick the boxes for what you'd like to try :) I'm particularly interested in scent feedback for the new ones in this round, but thoughts on the texture, usefulness, longevity, and whatever else are always welcome!

Reviews, comments, and so on can be posted here or on this post. :)

Poll #1801139 Testing Round 3

What would you like to test?

Citrus & Basil
Egg Nog

Citrus & Basil: To me, this has a very bright smell that is definitely basil, but not overpoweringly so -- the citrus blend moderates it a bit. I'd still classify it as herby, but it doesn't smell like pesto. I think. XD It has a nice smooth feel and decent lather.

Egg Nog: After several weeks, to me this smells like *something* sweet and dessert-like, but I'm not sure it smells like egg nog. Strangely, I REALLY got a strong smell of spice from it once or twice. So it's like, all the ingredients are there, but I'm not getting that classic nog smell. Or maybe that's just my nose being dysfunctional. ;) I was a little surprised to find that the vanilla bean bits are a tiny bit scrubby, but not nearly as much as oatmeal. Maybe like a fairly mild facial exfoliating scrub, if even that much. All right with the lather, though I thought there would be more for some reason.

Evergreens: I'm quite pleased that the smell on this one has stayed true :) (Especially since I literally used every drop that I pre-mixed and was still a gram short ^_^; Whoops...) I don't find it strongly OMG PINE!, but it's definitely in the evergreen family, a sweet balsamy sort of smell. I'm guessing that some folks will pick up the cedar note more readily than others. The bar has a little bit of that "stick to skin" when it's fresh -- although that might be because I used it at 2 weeks instead of waiting for it to cure more. ^_^; It's got a good lather to it once you get it working, though. If you're interested in this one, you might want to unwrap it when you get it, but wait til Christmas or so to try it to give it a full 4 weeks to cure :)

The Citrus/basil was the last soap I made with my silicone mold, which in the end I wasn't very happy with. The other two soaps I made with it -- the lavender/lemon/chamomile and orange/ginger re-dos -- both have a sort of blah texture and low lather, and I'm not convinced that they "cooked" properly. Silicone isn't a good insulator, and the soap needs to reach and maintain certain temps for the chemical reaction to go well. You can stick it in a low oven to get that heat, but I haven't been totally thrilled with my results doing that... The two more recent soaps I've done in my new wooden mold are more satisfactory, to me (wood is a better insulator, which is why so many small-time soapers still use wooden molds!), but we'll see if that's consistent... especially as it starts to get really cold and potentially difficult to keep the soap insulated and warm without the oven. :o Makes me miss the summer, where I could just set the stuff out and bam, soap. XD

Hopefully after the holiday madness, I'll be back on track to try some new stuff... like more chocolate! :d


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Dec. 6th, 2011 05:53 pm (UTC)
I am a little iffy about Citrus Basil, mostly because if it does smell like pesto E will fall in love with his hands until the stuff is gone. Possibly with the egg nog, too, but that's more manageable.
Dec. 7th, 2011 06:34 pm (UTC)
LOL. I don't think the citrus/basil smell really sticks much, but I haven't used it to just wash my hands. Hopefully it doesn't have (lolariously) adverse effects. ;D
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